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In the past 20 years or so, an increasing amount of medical research into the treatment of men's health and CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) / chronic non-bacterial prostatitis has been preformed. This research has included treatments using western medicine, chinese medicine and integrated chinese and western medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine research for CPPS takes various forms. Some studies are of high quality and use control groups plus large sample sizes. Other traditional chinese medicine research is more along the lines of case studies, highlighting the doctors clinical experience. In our experience, it is usually the later (case studies) that provide us with more credible information in the clinical setting. Doctors (both TCM doctors and western doctors) are more likely to publish case studies on treatments that they have success with and have little agenda to publish otherwise. While on the other hand, research with control groups and large sample sizes with multiple authors are usually under pressure( for financial or other reasons) to report success. (Learn why most published research findings are false).

We take all research results with a grain of salt, no matter where they have been published and by whom. Another more tongue in cheek research article proven effects of parachutes to prevent death from gravitational forces, highlights the short-comings of modern "science" research. However, that being said, research and published case reports can still help refine our technique and point us in the right direction for even further investigation.

Below is a list of some traditional chinese medicine research summaries, conclusions or highlighted section of the research. Click on the research title to view more.

CPPS Research / Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis Research:



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